Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year - Not Far Away!

Hi all,

Young Reg here for a weekly / monthly update. How has my Christmas been you may ask? Well to be honest it's had it's high's and some low's but all in all has been good!

The Pro's

  • Some nice lunches and quality time spent with close friends!
  • No work - or very minimal!
  • Work is still going well - ahead on targets on all fronts :)
  • I got a Wii Fit Plus which I have set up and starting to use
  • Nice Chrissy Day with the parents and brother and sister + other assorted relatives.
  • Visited my younger (but older looking) brother Mikey Reagan and stayed overnight we had a fun day of Snooker, pokies and piss, followed by a huge dose of pizza. This is the first time I have really "got into pizza" since I got the band done. The first slice was a bit of a challenge but I soon got back into the swing of things! (Please note this is a once off occurance with pizza being one of main reasons I put the beef on in the first place)
  • Going to James Reyne in a couple of weeks and staying away for a couple of nights which will be great and definately something I am looking forward to!

The Con's

  • Too many beers and the odd scotch consumed
  • Too many late nights - like every night for the last couple of weeks (I've gone off the rails abit this Christmas!)
  • Still "messed up " big time on the personal side of life - marriages - accomodation etc etc
  • Weight loss still heading South! hit 99kg's the other day (wohooooo) but put a kg back on so sitting on 100kg's which is cool and to be expected this time of the Year.
  • Too much smoking when I'm on the grog.
  • I hate a place called the Bank Hotel due to an ongoing war with a female security (lesbian) who for some reason has taken a disliking to me and won't let me in the shit hole!!!!! (i can't understand she wouldn't love the Reg Man????- but anyway it's her call) the biiiiaaaaaatttttcccchhhh (This has nothing to do with my state of intoxication or lack there off). I think she's on a power trip - stuff the Bank Hotel there's plenty of other places to go!
  • The Wii plus I got off Santa reckons my physical age is 55!  man I'm only 43 something is wrong there, so rechecked today and I'm on 47! So somehow I question the accuracy of the Wii ;)
Still undecided about New Year's Eve tonight but think I might head down to the local Club and see what pans out from there! Hope you all have a happy NYE.

Love Reggie Reagan xxxx

Monday, December 21, 2009

Almost There - Merry Christmas - Almost!

Hi All,

Young Reg Reagan here with a long over due update!

Things have all been going on!  Mr and Mrs Reagan are going our seperate ways in Jan, which to be honest will be the start of my second "cuming" pardon my spelling and crude connatations. Twenty years is way too long and I shoulda been outta here 10 years ago but stayed for the kids.

Work is cranking which is good, we are working over Christmas with Reg "attending" in the lightest sense of the word!

Weight wise I'm still cruising down to 101kg's.........i'll be struggling to get to the the old 99kg target by Christmas but stuff it!  39kg's gone aint bad in 4 months!

Anyway enough said,  time for another beer........stuff it, it's Christmas time :)  and yes I just said it "HO HO HO"  no "HA HA HA's" here!

Hope all is well in your parts of the world.

Reg Reagan xxxx