Sunday, September 6, 2009

Day 34 - Happy Father's Day Fuckers!

Well Hello,

It's young Reg Reagan here enjoying a few VB's on a nice sunny Father's Day Sunday!

Father's day in the Reagan house was celebrated this year with a BBQ at my younger - but actually older looking brother Mike Reagan's place down on the Central Coast of NSW.

A nice night was had by all, with young Reggie getting into his first T-Bone steak since becoming a bandit! And I tell you what ----- I've still got it and love a steak! albeit only 1/3 of what I used to eat. At the BBQ there were 3 generations of Reagan men in attendance...... and for once I had to leave the drinking games up to my Dad .......... Johnny Reagan (retired first grade Front Rower from the Budgewoy Budgies! and Mike my younger bro (ex hooker from the Kings Cross Queens) ....... I chipped in with sucking down a few VB's and even chomped on a decent serving of Pavlova!!! go the PAV!

All was good when we set off for the return journey back to Maitland at about 9:30pm Saturday night. We got home at about 11pm to find what looked like 30 "little scooters" - you know those little silver fuckers! parked out the front of my house. I didn't mention early but my daughter Shiela Reagan the 15 year old terror from hell didn't want to go to the BBQ and stayed at home with a promise which sounded something like this " Mum - Dad can trust me !!! please give me a chance to prove myself! " so we did - to our later dismay.

Back to the story.... little scooters parked everywhere...... I get out of the trusty Ford Territory only to hear music pumping from my house at 1 zillion decibels! I go charging in through the front door (all 6 foot 2 of me, like a front row prop down the blind side (and I'd only had a few beers!) and guess what I saw to my horror?

About fifteen young scum bags sitting in my lounge room, on my new lounge...... you know the fuckers with the baseball caps poking to the side and look like they ain't been feed in 6 weeks...... tehy fukin thought they were the Aussie equivalent of home boys, only problem was they were hangin in my fucking hood!

They were drinking my VB and were into the second fucking carton and even working over a bottle of my finest Grant's Scotch Whiskey! a collectors item I had acquired in Fiji a few years back.

Well a usually calm Reg Reagan saw red and tossed about a dozen of these little fuckers out the front door! .....literally they went out the door airborne without touching the ground.

My house was trashed....broken glass ......... marks on the walls! , even a pool of blood on the tiles!!!
By this time Reggie boy had completely lost the plot and was looking for his daughter who just happened to be in her bedroom with her boyfriend and some other scumbag (I hate to think WTF was going on there???) .......... but have a fair idea. .......

The boyfriend won't dareto come back here anytime soon after he felt the wrath of the Regmeister! his arse didn't touch the ground until he landed nose first with a huuuge thud on my front lawn!

After the missus and I cleaned up the mess.......... we went to bed 2 hours later...... less than impressed. The whole scene reminds me of something out of one of those American teenage movies when Mum and Dad are away and it's open fuckin slather.......... there were little fuckers flying out windows and doors left right and centre when I burst through the front door....... NO RESPECT FOR PEOPLES PROPERTY. We also lost two mobile phones as well that must have been pocketed by our most unwanted scumbag guests!

Anyway that's enough ranting! I've had a reasonable week on the dieting front, dropping 1.6kg's and still feeling full on and motivated.

I thought I'd post a picture of my Lapband surgeon and myself just before I went in from surgery. This is a day that will go down as a major "moment of truth" in the Regmeister's life! Timbo "lapband installer extraordinaire - you are da man!!! It's Reg's shout mate!

Peace and Happiness and a dash of Happy Fathers Day to all!!!
(except those 15 year old fuckers that trashed my house last night!!!)

Reg Reagan xxxx


Ute said...

Holy hell, what a father's day you had hey?

On the plus side, at least you managed to enjoy a good steak!

Happy Father's day Reg! ;)


Mr Kennet said...

Happy Fathers Day Reggie, hope it all went well besides the obvious grief.

And to think people wondered why that german nutter locked his kids in a basement all those years!!

Keep smiling matey!

Cazzie!!! said...

Who stole my scrubs? LMAO
Oh shit, cant believe kids get up to this shit anymore..oh well, I have a couple of years to go before it happens to me I guess :(

Kitty said...

this post is a fantastic example of why i prayed for boys and was deeply grateful when i got them...

my sympathies reggie.

congrats on the weight loss!