Friday, February 27, 2009

Sol the Fat Cat Trujillo admits he is a Fat Bastard!

Check out his exit interview............ he has been living the good life (and lie) at Australia's expense for about 4 years too long!

WTF is going on with his fucking eye brows?

He is full of shiiiiit! listen to him and his fat cunt bullshit..........his focus never was Telstra it's all about his bottom line.

Who will be the next CEO? they have a hell of a rebuilding job from all perspectives ahead of them...........,24897,25113635-15306,00.html?referrer=email

Reg Reagan

PS.....WTF is going on with Don McGauchies hair? or should I say hair piece..........ahhahahaha what a clown, he is responsible for bring Trujillo into Telstra. He has a hell of a lot to answer for.

Missy Higgins

While I've had a few bevvies.................... I thought I would mention that I am listening to Missy fucking Higgins.

The missus and I went to her concert in Newcastle about 18 months ago, and thoroughly enjoyed it.

The carpet was wall to wall in more ways than one (insert here visual images of women who like to chew the rug).

I am a social butterfly and will talk to anyone no matter what their chewing preferences may be. It's all about inner peace and doing what comes naturally so there is "nothing wrong with a bit of sisterly love:" this blogs is 100% lesbian friendly.

Check Missy out she is a real Aussie treasure...... and I love her hard...... like a good used carpet :)

The Transformation King has "Left the Building"

Well thank fuck for that, this clown has been the leader of Telstra's "transformation" of which I was a casualty.

He has total rooted Australia's biggest Company to the point where new systems are not working, the company has alienated two Governments, Telstra has been eliminated from the NBN race, plus a heap of other things I will elaborate on later when I have more time - as you can see I am fairly opinionated on this issue.

Anyway good bye and good riddance you fuckstick - enjoy your bonuses.


Moving into the Weekend Challenge

This week has been average in the "diet wars" to be honest. Last weekends blow out really stuffed my progress up, and I am feeling strong so as to avoid a re0currence this weekend.

Weighed in this morning and was 127.8kg which is still down on my starting weight but only really getting back to where I was before last weekend's indiscretions :(

Anyway this lack of weight loss this week is hammering home the fact that I can't have "just one day off a week" I need to be committed seven days a week. I must loose this weight or my quality of life is being affected plus my longevity.....and I wanna be around for a long time yet!

I am trying to get one of those weight loss tickers for Blogger and it's supposed to be just a HTML "cut and paste job" but I am not having any luck so far. If anyone is reading this and know how to set one of these fuckers up please let me know.

Work is going well with no real mega dramas in the pipeline (that I know of), but I have a feeling we are about to see some of the impacts of the world economic meltdown beginning to impact on our order book...... time will tell, but I hope not, my bonus is at stake!

Anyway time to get to work........weight loss so far is 4kg so it's not too bad but I have done a lot better in past attempts using the Low Carb method. More weight related posts following on the weekend hopefully highlighting my "will power" and another kilo or so gooooone.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Day 9

Watched Underbelly last I love that show! I reckon I should have been an underworld figure in the eighties. (wait a minute I was! no I wasn't just joking)

Diet is all going well but starting to think about scotches on Friday night which is dangerous this early in the week, scotch leads to me eating "shit food". Scotch and diet coke is OK on a LC diet, the problem is once you get pissy you want to eat other non LC crap, which from a sober perspective I do not want to do.

Haven't dared weighing in yet after the weekends "shame file" performance will probably do it Thursday morning so I hopefully see a loss of a kg or 2?

Anyway time to get showered and off to work..... for another "on track" day.


Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday Arvo Update

I was too scared to get on the scales this morning due to the weekends indiscretions....but will hop on in the morning, hopefully I won't be too disappointed.

Had a good day and back on plan..... more to follow tomorrow morning. Looking forward to Underbelly on TV tonight.


Day 8

More to follow on the shameful weekend from hell tonight......... (beer, pizza, kfc you name it I ate it !)
I reckon I have put back on 2kg..... This cannot happen next weekend, the weekends are where I come unstuck.

For the next month at least there is no alcohol allowed, that way I won't blow it again............. I am as keen as ever to drop this weight and not happy with myself about the weekend at the moment.


Saturday, February 21, 2009

Day 6 Gooooooone!

It was all going to plan until the second bottle of scotch................. a low carb delight. The neighbours were over and we were out the back and someone had the bright idea to "go into town".

In my old way I was keen and the four of us were in a taxi, and on the way to the "brewery" which as the name suggest is not good for a young man living the low carb dream.

I was on fire....... and as the scotch and diet cokes were $9 a pop, went to plan B .......... schooners of VB (shame shame shame!)

Anyway after a shitload of the local brew and being surrounded by people young enough to be may children it was time to head home 4AM.........shame shame shame.

And we also had a stop in at the bakery drive through for apple pies and sausage rolls.

I am disappointed in my lack of will power............. and also getting $400 out of the ATM and returning home with $150.

Anyway back into the diet.......... I am currently drinking a 3 litre bottle of water to rehydrate me and flush out the evil toxins.

Regards from a very hungover Reg Reagan

Friday, February 20, 2009

Day 5

Another loss this morning......not as much as I may have hoped for but still a loss, with a drop to 127.8kg or down 0.5kg from yesterday.

Moving into what I realise is the danger time.............the weekend where I will be tempted with all my old friends: beer, pizza, nibblies, McDonalds, apple pie, etc etc etc - there is a cast of 1000 friends!

I am feeling strong and going to make sure I don't cave in this weekend.........wish me luck.


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thursday Arvo Update

Nothing to report here, except I'd didn't go for my walk as it was raining too heavy.and I stuck to the diet nicely today.

An update is coming in the morning......... now move along!

Day 4

Weighed in this morning coming in at 128.3kg which is a loss of 0.7kg since yesterday....which is OK by me and another movement in the right direction (I love LC diets).

Going to buy the "supa dupa" socks today and out for a walk this arvo.....which will be good (as long as the weather is ok and not pissing down)

Big day ahead with customer visits and looking to gain new work for the business. Time is short so I am out of here, heading into another day "doing the right thing".


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wednesday Arvo Update

Another good day today all low carb - no exception! and I'm pumping the water in like a demon! Three litres already consumed today. I am also moving into ketosis which will start to deliver good weight loss.

This afternoon was a non event as far as my walk goes....... I have real bad blisters from my new "supa dupa" walking shoes...... so am going to get some real good socks tomorrow to fix that problem hopefully.

Work was good the meeting I mentioned with the Senior management went well, I was well prepared and actually turned what could have been a major problem into a winning situation for me. At least that's my take-out from the discussion, only time will tell.

Another test I overcame today, was when I got home my next door neighbour was out the front having a beer and as we have for the last few months he motioned to me to have come over to his place and have a beer.......... guess what? I wasn't tempted at all...... I must be serious about this weight loss campaign.

The only beer I'll be seeing until I get to my goal will be of the electronic variety......... here's one for you, my shout!

That's the update for this afternoon, more to follow after the weigh in tomorrow morning.


Day 3

Lost 0.7kg this morning not as much as I would have hoped, but any loss is a good one. Going strong from a personal perspective as well.

More to follow


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tuesday Arvo Update

Just got home from work after a better day than yesterday but tomorrow will be interesting.......

Spending a bit of time on the net before dinner, my wife is not home yet and is bring some nice low carb chicken home so that will really hit the spot. I love my chicken :)

My daughter and I will be heading out for our walk and I will look at increasing the duration 5 minutes and plan to keep this going, as my fitness rises. Sammy (my daughter) is not happy today she must have had a bad day at school........ I'm sure I will find out more on our walk after Dinner.

I watched Underbelly Two last night and loved it! I got into the first Underbelly series for the most part but so far series two is even better.

Check out the link and also the sneak preview of episode 4.

Anyway that's it for now, will do another entry with tomorrow mornings weight loss (hopefully)


Day 2

Stuck to the game plan yesterday which is great and as I am a person who likes to see results daily weighed in this morning coming in at 129.7 which is 2kg gone in one day!

That's 2kg of fluid I know but I'll take anything that represents a weightloss and is a psychological step in the right direction. I decided to start the exercise program yesterday as well and went for a 35 minute walk with my daughter which I actually enjoyed. The walk delivered the following positives:

1) Time with my 15 year old daughter
2) Exercise.....
3) Time for me to clear my head
4) Walks my Dinner off
5) Allows me to miss Home and Away :)

The walk will be on again tonight ..........I am actually looking forward to it ! and will be trying real hard to go every night after dinner and extend it 5 minutes each night until my fitness level improves.

All in all a good solid start stay tuned for more on my weight loss "journey". And if anyone is actually reading this say hello!

Now it's off to work for another set of completely different challenges........

Monday, February 16, 2009

The Diet Begins

Well I have hit my heaviest adult weight and need to do something about it otherwise I mightn't be around to enjoy my future. This morning I weighed in at 131.7kg which is about 40kg's too heavy for my height of 187cms or about 6 foot 3.

I have been putting on the beef for about 3 years and not worry what I eat or drink..... I love a beer or 20 :)

This blog will be a personal record for me as I get down to under 100kg before Christmas this year - I have heaps of time and going on Atkins to get things headed in the right direction in a hurry. From past experience I can loose 3 to 4 kgs for the first two weeks then it slows to 1.5 to 2kgs......... I just need to drop some bulk quick, I will then introduce exercise and a more convenental low calorie approach.