Saturday, August 29, 2009

Day 26 Update

Hi all,

Young Reg Reagan here back for the weekly Blog update after another week at the Salt Mines!

Reg in transit for a work trip - Sydney Airport

On the weight loss/lap band stakes all is progressing well, I am back onto solids and to be honest really enjoying my food again albeit in smaller quantities. I've had only one "food recycling" event this week which involved dinner on Thursday night and some baked chicken, which I chewed each mouthful about 30 times, but for whatever reason spewed back up...... So baked chicken is off the menu for me for now :(

Most other things even toast are going down well if they are properly chewed so I am happy. The challenge comes this week when I try a piece of steak for the first time.....hopefully this is compatible with my new lap band lifestyle as I love my steak and a good BBQ!

Me and a couple of good mates at a recent BBQ (Jeff "I luv ya's all)Fennech and Wendall (where's a straw mun?) Sailor

Weight loss has slowed this week only dropping 1.1kg which I suppose is what they recommend.....and I was expecting. And I have to be happy with that cause this ain't a race! I only want to lose another 33 kg's, so 33 weeks if I can be consistent is nothing in the big scheme of things :)

Started at 140kg down to 118kg so lost 22kg of blubber that will never return!!!

Work is going well, from all angles we are exceeding budget and longer term strategies are falling in place - "I love it when a plan comes together!"

Family has been challenging with my daughter still attempting to "fly the coup" at 15 years of age...which I will not allow. She is mixing with the wrong crowd and I am really concerned about her future. Police got involved only once this week which is better than the week before! I'm lucky because I go to work and have other things to occupy my mind, but my poor wife has taken 3 weeks off work to try and work with our daughter to get her back on the rails....... the stress and drama of the whole things is really upsetting her and I need to make sure that I'm extra supportive. Hopefully we are slowly fixing this problem....only time will tell.

People are now fully aware I have dropped a bit of weight with several comments again this week........ I have not made it common knowledge I had the band done (only told a couple of close work colleagues), so just give everyone else who comments the old " cutting down on food and grog + a bit of exercise routine" which works fine. I'm a private person about some things and this is one of them. My clothes are getting loser! and I am feeling a lot more energetic and generally well. The cuts from the surgery have healed up well after almost a month, they did one big cut (only 4 cm long) and 3 smaller cuts - from what I read there is often five cuts done...... so I got lucky! here's a rough picture of the scars, sorry about the quality the pics off my mobile.

Anyway another long post from the Regman, hope everyone is winning their own life battles and making the most of their opportunities, please leave a comment I love to read them.

And Ute thanks for your kind words after my previous post ! And Cazzie as always thanks for your motivation!

Love Reg Reagan xxxx


Ute said...

Isn't it great to see the results from your hard work?! Excellent stuff Reg. ;)

Wow, did not realise you had to be cut for this surgery. i thought they went in via the belly button...learn something new every day.

Those scars look almost healed, you won't even notice them soon.

Top stuff!


Kitty said...

great losses! keep it up you're a star!


Cazzie!!! said...

Bloody hell, youve done an amazing job already! Hey, baby steps mate, sure slow loss is the key as you stated.
I hope your daughter settles down for you and your wife soon. It has got to be stressful mate, I ain't at that stage yet with my kids :(
How do you go eating fish? Perhaps it'd be better received than the chook. Take it as easy as possible..gr8 pics btw :)