Saturday, October 24, 2009

Day 82 - The Journey Continues!

Hi All,

Had the weekly weigh in this morning and I'm pleased to report a loss of about 2kg last week!!! I am now down to 109.5kg - my next goal is to be under 100kg by Christmas Day ........ I really hope I can get there!!!

Since the the 3rd Week in August 2009 (when I started the pre-op Optifast) I have lost 30.5kg or about 67 pounds! That's a drop in BMI from 40.6 to 31.7 which still makes me obese but it won't be long my friends till I am just "overweight" which is good for now :).

I am feeling proud of myself for making the decision to get the Lap Band - to be honest I had a few apprehensions, both financially and also the whole surgery and risk part of the process. The band is the key to the so loss so far but I have also been working hard to make the right choices - from a food quantity and type aspect, and it's great to get a good result so early into what is a life long process.

My aim is to get to 85kg by May next year - the plan is for my wife and I to go to America on holidays for a month..... I've been there before but my wife hasn't so it will be a great experience for us both as a couple. I am actually very focused on the holiday and am using it as a motivation when "bad food opportunities" present themselves. If things continue as they are I will easily meet my goal by May next year:)

Below is a picture of me on my last American holiday arriving at Las Vegas Airport - complete with Hugh Hefner pipe and harem of beauties!!! They all wanted a piece of the Regmiester and I'm not saying which piece ;)

The band has been going well ...... I can pretty much eat whatever I want in smaller quantities and eating my lunch for example takes about 20 mins, which is about right. I am going back to the Surgeon's Office on Tuesday next week for a weigh-in and potential fill, which if I get it will be another 1ml taking me to 4.5ml in a 10ml band. At this stage I reckon I will give the fill a miss ........ I believe I have enough restriction and don't want to get to the point where I can't eat and spew everything up! I've read allot of blogs and as always there's "a fine line between pleasure and pain" in band fills- I think I will leave it another month and see how things go.

Everything is calm on the home front - we didn't get the house I mentioned in the last post, which we were shattered about as it went for about $40k more than it's market value and although I "wanted it bad" my head ruled my heart and we made the right choice in stopping at our upper limit.

That's my update for this week - feel free to comment!

Loving the band and loving life! Reggie Boy xxxx


The Dash! said...

lol That pic is such a crack up - you epitomise the Aussie Larrikin and I love it!!
Also loving the fact you have such great restriction - there really is a fine line between the good and bad, and when you're PBing.. well def not great fun!
The holiday sounds like great motivation. America is somewhere I want to get too one day. For now I will live vicariously through you!!
Fingers crossed you get to under 100 by Xmas.

Kitty said...

mate, you are a star.

i read a few weight loss blogs (about 100 and they are written by people with eating disorders, regular diets, figure competitors and lap band/obesity fighters).

you are the most realistic, grounded, no-bullshit ACHIEVER of the lot.

you are inspiring and i think you will easily make any goal you set yourself. if ever there was a rational person with their eye on the big prize, it is you.

you're a winner!


Anonymous said...

Well done Reginald. Keep it up ;-)

Cazzie!!! said...

That is so great Reg! On all fronts!
Sure clear baby day at a time and before you know it you will be a new man. The vacation with your wife sounds like a wonderful goal..and guess what? You will feel comfy in an aeroplane seat for that long flight too!
I'm pleased the home front has settled... huggs Cazzie :)

RC said...

Hey Regemeister! I love your profile and Vegas pic. Hilarious. Sounds like you're moving right along! Thanks for following my blog so I could come across yours - I'm enjoying reading so far! Hey I noticed you are a Gemini - my birthday is 6/12. Anyway - look forward to reading and learning how you're doing!