Sunday, November 1, 2009

Day 91 - Friday Night Blues

Hi all,

As I have mentioned in the past I love a good Friday night drink - and I have promised myself each and every week since I've had the Lap Band that it's not happening this weekened. Guess what? I have blown it again.

I am good all week watching my food make-up and quantities and ensuring that I am doing the right thing, and to be honest losing a couple of kg's each week has been do able, and not too difficult. Then on about Thursday I "get a hankering" about the Friday night piss-up ( a ritual that has been part of my life about 25 years) and when Friday night roles around after a long week at the office a switch in my head "flicks" and the Friday night piss-up is on again. I have no willpower on Friday night - what the hell is wrong with me????? The rest of the time I am focused like a machine on my weight loss goals.

Enough is Enough!!!!!

That's it no more Friday night merriment for the Regmiester! I haven't gone to the expense and effort of getting a Lap Band only to put back on half of the weight I've lost by drinking excessively once a week...... the net result is I am losing weight half as quick as I could be! Don't get me wrong I am ecstatic about the 31kg's dropped to date but it could've been alot more.

From now on their will be no more Friday night drinking sessions!!!!!!

Does anyone have any ideas which might make it easier to achieve this goal? I'm thinking other positive rewards- the Friday night drink is an old habit and it's hard to break let me tell you!

Any positive and constructive suggestions or input would be greatly appreciated......thanks

Reggie boy xxxx (ex Friday night pisshead)

PS: Thought I'd put in a picture of my mate Jeff Fennech and myself at a recent charity event - my six pack will be like Jeff's one day!!!

PPS: I dropped 1kg this week down to 108.5kg - should have been 2kg's  :(


The Dash! said...

Oh, hello, don't we have friends in high(ish) places lol.
You know I was wondering on this Friday night piss-up you were talking about and had a thought. Obviously to stop doing it (which you really want to do by the sounds of it) you need to be actively distracted elsewhere. Maybe you and your wife could do a 'date night' on the night instead, or you replace the usual nights antics with another similar thing. It's all about breaking the habit which is a bitch, but doable.
I know it's frustrating when you look back on what you 'could have lost' compared to what you have lost this week.. but hey, something here in your favor.. you recognise the root cause as to why you're putting some of that lost weight back on. It's half the battle I think. Now you just need to figure out how to sort the next thing: stopping it. :) Good luck!!!
PS 31 kilos lost is awesome!! Don't you ever doubt that. Amazing work.
Cara xx

Kitty said...

it's simple reggie!

go out somewhere, and not the pub.

go to a movie every friday night for a month and the habit is long gone.

allow yourself two drinks on a different night.

grow some balls man! you're a fucking legend a few tinnies cannot possibly be 'bigger' than your will and might.

prove me right!!!

Roo said...

You gotta break the whatever you usually do on a Friday night you need to do something different that doesn't involve getting, dinner, bowling, keeping yourself's like keeping your hands distracted when giving up smoking! It only takes 3 weeks to stop a habit! You can do it Reggie!

Anonymous said...

Reggie!!! Of course you will have a 6 pack like Jeff's one day at a time to get there!!

Melanie said...

I reckon you should just view this as a life long journey and not a short trip - why not have the Friday night indulgence. Does the weight have to come off in record time? Seems to me you're doing well. Life is for living and it seems like a part of life you enjoy - I say just keep doing it. Perhaps alternate each beer with a light if you want to go a little slower. Good luck, Mel

Cazzie!!! said...

You know what I do? A bit girly perhaps, but I have a shandy sometimes with diet lemonade and whatevcer favourite beer I like.
But then again, I just read what Melanie said, and I have to agree with her too :)

Reg Reagan said...

Thanks for all the great suggestions - much appreciated. I am putting all of them into action, and I'm pleased to report that another Friday night is about to go by without Reggie getting on the piss! Tonight I'm going ten pin bowling :)

Happy Happy Reggie xxxx