Monday, December 21, 2009

Almost There - Merry Christmas - Almost!

Hi All,

Young Reg Reagan here with a long over due update!

Things have all been going on!  Mr and Mrs Reagan are going our seperate ways in Jan, which to be honest will be the start of my second "cuming" pardon my spelling and crude connatations. Twenty years is way too long and I shoulda been outta here 10 years ago but stayed for the kids.

Work is cranking which is good, we are working over Christmas with Reg "attending" in the lightest sense of the word!

Weight wise I'm still cruising down to 101kg's.........i'll be struggling to get to the the old 99kg target by Christmas but stuff it!  39kg's gone aint bad in 4 months!

Anyway enough said,  time for another beer........stuff it, it's Christmas time :)  and yes I just said it "HO HO HO"  no "HA HA HA's" here!

Hope all is well in your parts of the world.

Reg Reagan xxxx


Ute said...

Oh Reggie, so sorry for the demise of your marriage.
Twenty years is a long time... you get less for freakin' murder!

Well, here's to new beginnings and happy times for the year ahead for you... all the best, and merry chrissy and happy new year!


Debi said...

I'm sorry to hear that it came to that, but as I said in an earlier comment, if it's not working anymore, better to start over than to continue on in an unhappy relationship forever.

Here's to finding someone fantastic! There are a lot of great women out there, trust me!

Have a great Christmas Holiday & a fantastic New Year's too.


Roo said...

Sorry to hear that you are parting ways, but you must do what needs to be done...and it sounds like it is for the best....

People change and need to move forward....have a lovely christmas despite the parting.....

Weight loss wise you are doing fantastic...keep up the good work reggie old boy!

Reg Reagan said...

What a drama............... cops came, I am a bad man apparently? anyway sorted out the Pooolice and all was result is no more family at my house they have relocated.

Yeeehhhaaa...........all getting nasty but as Lilly Allen says "uck you"

Love Reggie Reagan xxxxxx

Reg Reagan said...

might have meant FUCK YOU .......but it's been a harrowing night.

So single Reg Reagan is back on the market looking for a nice weekend in Melbourne or wherever ::)

Cazzie!!! said...

Heya Reg, I guess it is time for you to make do with working on that new "look". Take care alright... chill :)

The Dash! said...

Hiya Reg,
What a load of old dramas, huh!! Right on Chrissy time, too. Here's hoping you still manage a great one and so sorry to hear about your marriage kaput but maybe now you can move on be happy.... That will be my New Years Eve resolution for you.
Merry Christmas
Cara xxx

Anonymous said...

Regie, Regie, Regie,

What more can be said. Your feeling good about youreself and want get back on the old pony, give the ferret a run, do the wild thing, hunt the MILF, sink the pink, slurp the snapper, empty the reservoir. etc etc etc. Just remember other single Reagan boys are only too happy to help in any way. I may fall asleep on the job, need no-doze after a big day. However I am ready to take another one for the team when the opportunity arises. See you later... Reggie's much younger brother!!!.....

Reg Reagan said...

Young Bro!

Reggie loves ya..... have another scotch or 6!


Anonymous said...

aaaahh you Reagan boys are wild, wild, wild. GIDDY UP!! Sounds like a weekend away is just what you need ;-)