Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Day 115 and Getting Close to the Century!

Hi All,

Young Reg Reagan here...... with another update in the life of a male Lap Band patient!

So what's happening?  A hell of a lot!!!  Work has been busy, with a couple of people retrenched due to a bit of a downturn, not me fortunately but I am the one delivering the bad news, at the wrong time of year unfortunately :) but I am just the messenger so if it wasn't me doing it someone else would.

Dramas with Mrs Reagan...... after 20 years of marriage to be honest I've had a gutful :(  and don't know what to do......  It's like the old song " will I stay or will I go?"  don't remember who sang this one but it's very apt at the moment cause "I've lost that loving feeling"

Lapband wise all good :) down to 104kg from 140kg so happy, and will smash my Christmas goal! so I'm lovin that. I went and saw the dietician but decided against another fill and I am still losing on average about 1kg / week. They are so pleased with my loss in 4 months that they want me to speak at an upcoming lapband seminar for people thinking about the band....and of course I said I'd love to.

That's about it from me, leave a commment and I hope all is going well in your life.

Love Reggie xxxx


Ute said...

Doesn't sound too good on the home front there Reg.

I can commiserate with the 20 year itch thing.... and I'm sure hubby would agree that it 'aint easy.

But you must be pretty chuffed with your weight loss to date so far! Soon, you'll be down to double figures!!! OMG!

Congrats once again... you're an inspiration to many. =)

Kitty said...

reggie, if you leave your missus, can i be a fill in?

i'm well fed up with my fucking spouse too.


The Dash! said...

Damn, that's bad news about the way you're feeling about your wife - hope the hump goes away or at least improves..
Amazing work.. 36 kilos down - no wonder they want you to speak at the seminar.. I want to speak to you.. how the hell are you losing a kilo a week lol? I am on a half kilo per week and it's driving me insane!! Bloody well done!!

Debi said...

Fantastic weight loss Reg! I hope that I can continue a loss that good when I am further in to my banding!

Too bad about the wife problems, but I always said, if you aren't happy & it isn't working, find someone who will be better for you, which is why I have been married more than once!!

Brooke said...

Hey Reg- is the weight loss compounding the marriage stuff? It's an issue for me with my DH but other relationships, yes, very much so. I'm just not willing to put up with a lot of unecessary shit and I am getting to the point where I'm thinking: I am busting my ass to lose weight to have the kind of life I want, so I'm looking deep inside and doing a lot of work. And I am looking at the ppl around me and I am thinking hard, either you add value, or you don't! So if you don't, get going!

'Course, it's not that clear cut with a spouse, but, losing weight does put things into a clearer perspective for me at least.

Good luck.

And congrats on the weight loss!

Reg Reagan said...


The weight loss has definately re opened my eyes to my general existance and the importance of being happy in life.
As I always say we only get one life to live and the quality of that life is in a large way determined by the choices we make.

In my siuation I haven't been happy in years so I suppose dropping the weight has made me re-evaluate things, and I want better than this and a happy life.

Reg Reagan said...


Giddy up! You might give the old Reg a heart attack ;)

Reg Reagan said...

Ute / Dash,

Thanks for the kind words on the weight loss! Love them :)


As far as the KG a week I did slow down for a few weeks and when that happens I do a week of Celebrity Slim weight loss shakes, that seems to get things happening again. For example the week before last I had them for 5 days and dropped 3kg's and the good thing is with the band that weight doesn't come back!

Love Reggie xx

Reg Reagan said...


Good advice! I did leave but came back a couple of days later... I don't know why but the wife we shattered and I'm too soft.

The seed has been planted and the time for an exit will be not too far away

Reggie xxx

Cazzie!!! said...

Heya Reggie... awesome job on the weight loss. slow and steady wins that race..and wouldn;t it be great if you got to speak like they want you to and YOU make a difference to even just one person's life via that medium??? Way to go. Kick arse mate!!!