Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year - Not Far Away!

Hi all,

Young Reg here for a weekly / monthly update. How has my Christmas been you may ask? Well to be honest it's had it's high's and some low's but all in all has been good!

The Pro's

  • Some nice lunches and quality time spent with close friends!
  • No work - or very minimal!
  • Work is still going well - ahead on targets on all fronts :)
  • I got a Wii Fit Plus which I have set up and starting to use
  • Nice Chrissy Day with the parents and brother and sister + other assorted relatives.
  • Visited my younger (but older looking) brother Mikey Reagan and stayed overnight we had a fun day of Snooker, pokies and piss, followed by a huge dose of pizza. This is the first time I have really "got into pizza" since I got the band done. The first slice was a bit of a challenge but I soon got back into the swing of things! (Please note this is a once off occurance with pizza being one of main reasons I put the beef on in the first place)
  • Going to James Reyne in a couple of weeks and staying away for a couple of nights which will be great and definately something I am looking forward to!

The Con's

  • Too many beers and the odd scotch consumed
  • Too many late nights - like every night for the last couple of weeks (I've gone off the rails abit this Christmas!)
  • Still "messed up " big time on the personal side of life - marriages - accomodation etc etc
  • Weight loss still heading South! hit 99kg's the other day (wohooooo) but put a kg back on so sitting on 100kg's which is cool and to be expected this time of the Year.
  • Too much smoking when I'm on the grog.
  • I hate a place called the Bank Hotel due to an ongoing war with a female security (lesbian) who for some reason has taken a disliking to me and won't let me in the shit hole!!!!! (i can't understand she wouldn't love the Reg Man????- but anyway it's her call) the biiiiaaaaaatttttcccchhhh (This has nothing to do with my state of intoxication or lack there off). I think she's on a power trip - stuff the Bank Hotel there's plenty of other places to go!
  • The Wii plus I got off Santa reckons my physical age is 55!  man I'm only 43 something is wrong there, so rechecked today and I'm on 47! So somehow I question the accuracy of the Wii ;)
Still undecided about New Year's Eve tonight but think I might head down to the local Club and see what pans out from there! Hope you all have a happy NYE.

Love Reggie Reagan xxxx


THE DASH! said...

lol As usual you manage to turn a post into a laugh fest: loved it!!!

Happy New Year to you too, Reg... and may 2010 bring you everything you want and more!

PS I think I have met one or two of of those biatches who front the hotel. They are Hitler incarnated. Just give her shit back.

Debi said...

Hope you have a great time tonight Reg!

Happy New Year!!

Ute said...

Happy 2010 Reggie! Looking forward to reading more of your success. ;o)


kazbah said...

Hey Reggie, New Year, new opportunities. Actually it's a whole new decade so bring it on!! Hope you had a safe new year and stayed away from the lesbian at the pub! Enjoy your weekend away, I hope you're going with good friends, it certainly sounds like you need it! Take care xoxo ps my Wii fit age is 50! what a crock'o'shit!

Cazzie!!! said...

Oh I love James Reyne, enjoy his concert I know you will too!
A time to reflect this part of the seasin isn;t it?
I hope for you that you have a year of great health and that love comes your way from all angles :)

Kitty said...

many happy returns reginald