Saturday, January 30, 2010

It's All Going On!

Hi all,

Things are on the move and so am I.

I'm moving into my new unit in the heart of Newcastle which is somewhere I've always wanted to live. The rental market is tough as I said in the last post but after viewing a heap of places I was offered four, and knocked back three so that's not a bad strike rate....

Work have been hectic to say the least, with some major safety issues I had to deal with involving Work
Cover..... Is anyone going to bake me a cake with a file in it?   hehe

My ex is still not accepting my leaving and every conversation we have turns to tears with her wanting me to come back but I'm not going back now or ever, I've made the break and I know in my heart it's the right thing for me. That's from a personal rather than a financial situation, I went and got some legal advice on Thursday and it looks like I've just dropped the soap and will be picking it up in the shower in Cell Block B showers ..... in other words I'm going to be slammed right up the arse financially by my ex...... I am trying to keep discussions civil without resorting to legal actions yet - but she's playing hard ball which I can understand.

Weight wise all good........still dropping kg's without issue, I have next week off work to move and have a meeting with the Dietician Tuesday morning and am confident of coming in with another decent loss. I already know they won't give me a fill cause I losing weight faster than I should and still have decent restriction even if I only have 2.5ml in a 10 ml band.

I have a stalker, a lady I interviewed for a job. She is a "fruit loop" and last night I was out enjoying myself at the local pub and she dumped a schooner of water over my head because I was dancing with somebody else.... man I hope she takes the hint and leaves me alone! I've made it blantant clear that I wanted nothing to do with her.

Anyway that's about it for now, going shopping for new electrical items and furniture on Sunday so that will be interesting.

Hope all is well in your Universe

Love Reggie xxxx


THE DASH! said...

Holy cow! Stalker alert!! What was with that?

I cannot believe you only have 2.5mls in a 10 ml band and are really losing weight. Must be different for men than for women and Pfft to that! lol. Nice going though (I'm just jealous!!)

So glad you have a place sorted out - also sounds like you're in for a rough ride in the coming months. Hope you get things sorted soon.
Cara x

Chris H said...

Sounds like you are going through a rough patch in the personal life! Glad the lap band is doing an excellent job.... with your help!

Anonymous said...

the band helps with the weight loss reggie, but you are one of the FEW weight loss bloggers who actually wants to lose weight and puts in the hard yards to get results.

you realise that it is your responsibility and your choice to be obese or a normal weight - end of.

so many blogs are all about the fucking ice cream and cheesecake etc 'ruining my life'.


good on ya. i heart you.


KJ said...

Good luck with the move Reggie.

Well done for the continued weight loss! You rawk!

Ooooh aaahhhh! Stalker eh? Freaky...

#fatfreefloozy said...

I am disappointed that u r in Newcastle - cos if u were in Pricktoria, Kitty coulda kicked your stalker to the curb!

So happy for you that u r still losing weight!

Lap Band Groupie said...

Hi Reggie, just found your blog! Sounds like a lot of major changes in your life this year! Can't wait to read more and good luck with the move. I'm here: