Monday, March 29, 2010

I'm Still Alive

Hi all,

Long time no post!

So what the hell is happening in Reggie world you may ask? (or maybe not)

Life really is good, I've been in my unit for a couple of months and really settling into single life. The diet is going OK and I've lost about 47kgs now, so feeling good and feeling great about myself. The lapband is the best thing I've ever done. I went to the fill Doctor last week and they didn't want to give me any more fill cause I'm the "Biggest looser" apparently (is that how you spell looser Kitty?)

Work is average to be honest and not very fulfilling at the moment and I'll hang in there for now, but the way the economy is picking up, I might have a look around soon and see what is on offer.
I had a nice lunch for my daughter Sammy's 16th she looked beautiful and we had a great time......... she is growing up too fast, but that's life hey?

Not too much else to report..exercise is now on my radar with me walking up to Nobby's breakwater and around to Newcastle beach every morning - which takes about 40 minutes round trip and it is making me feel healthier - I am sure that this lifestyle change is here to stay and there's no way I'm going back to 140kgs.....ever again!. My blood pressure cholesterol are now within the normal range so all is good.

Anyway that's it for my quick check in - I was feeling guilty for not updating so here it is!

Hope all is good in your world! 

Love Reggie xxxxx


KJ said...

Hi Reggie!!!!!!! *waves*

Everything is sounding wonderful in the land of Reggie. And bloody hell, give yourself a pat on the back...that's great stuff with the weight loss so far!!

Love that photo btw...

Keep on being happy.. congrats.


Lap Band Groupie said...

Great update and glad to hear you're doing so well!

Debi said...

Glad to see you are doing great!! Sounds like your weight loss is doing fantastic! Love the photo.

Anonymous said...

it's always a pleasure to read about your progress reggie!

47 kilos - hell man. if you shed seven more - you've lost my entire body weight.


Anonymous said...


#fatfreefloozy said...

That is awesome Reg! I am proud of you! I can't believe I checked in after so long and find u almost at goal! I have been banded since, but am a baby bander! Hope I do as well as you!


THE DASH! said...

Holy cow! 47 kgs? Talk about a star bandster - and yeah, how can we not like these bands of ours. Mine was also the best thing I did.
Good to see you're keeping well.

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