Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I'm Back

Hello All,

Well it's been a while, and I just haven't had time to get the basic requirements in life covered - let alone blogging. But I found 10 minutes spare and thought I'd say hello.......that's if anyone is still checking this blog? Hellooooooooooooooooo !

Anyway most things are going well, work is going great and just had an excellent review from my Manager which was very satisfying as I have only been managing this business for 9 months and things have really turned around! And I think I am providing the direction, motivation and environment for the staff to deliver their best......so work all happy :)

Home is getting more challenging with my kids getting older and becoming more independent and let's call it "strong willed". To be honest my daughter aged 15 is getting more distant each day, and is not even speakiing to me half of the time, which isn't good but I am working on that challenge. My son who is 16 is doing a traineeship at KFC, which is going well.... he too can be a handful!

The days are not far away when the Chicks will fly the coup, and then it will be HAPPY DAYS!!!! Not that I want them to leave but as they have gotten older and their behaviour worsens it has been putting addition stress on the relationship with my wife. When we are "kid free" we get on like we used to as best mates....... but just add the kid drama and things aren't much fun and stressful for us both.

The diet is non existent and I have put on a shitload of weight and now weigh just under 140kg's which in any ones terms is way too fat. I have made a decision that will hopefully change my life, on 4/8/09, I am booked in for Lapband surgery. I am going to use this as a tool to restrict my eating........ as I drop a bit of weight my intent is to get back into some exercise and run my body like the machine it is - or used to be! ( calories in less calories burned up = fat)
I plan to be putting in minimal calories and burning up allot of fat, so I should be back to my fighting weight of 90kg's easily within the next 12 months. I haven't been under the 100kg mark in 15 years and I am going to fix that real soon.

Being overweight / obese or whatever name you want to give it - is really the only negative thing in my life at the moment, and I tell you what - I am going to fix that problem the same as I conquer other challenges in life......... The time has come!!!

Anyway if you are still reading thanks for your interest! please leave a comment and say hello. My intent is to turn this blog into a bit of a weight loss journal.... I took my before pictures last night so might put them up in my next post - as long as I don't scare people off :)

All the best

Love Reg Reagan xxx


Ute said...

welcome back. =)

you are very brave going into the lap band surgery area... i've seen some doco's about it, and the varied success and failures...but always been rather scared of things like that. hope it all goes smoothly for you. =)

Reg Reagan said...


The docos you saw were they on lapband or the other methods>>> stappling, sleeving etc.

Thanks for your feedback


Kitty said...

hi reggie! i missed you baby!

big ups for the bold decision - a buck 40 really IS a bit on the steep side, you know it.

post your befores - any limp wristed wanker that is scared should harden the fuck up!

more power to you! good luck for surgery day, i will think of you and hope it is all going swimmingly...


Cazzie!!! said...

Reg! The news on the work front is wonderful, I was worried what was happening, but you have set it straight.. and the only way is up now.
Good luck with your lap band surgery, take it slow and easy post op ok. Make sure you sip fluids frequently to keep hydrated. We get alot of people post this surgery coming into hospital dehydrated..and sometimes also as a second to dehydration they are..umm..constipated :( Fluids are the key to preventing that problem.
I will follow the journey here, and be a cheerleader for you.
On the home front, kids aye... who'd have em? Only nuts like the lot of us, hehe. I am sure the kids will find their way out there soon enough, and you and your best friend/wife will be just fine :)