Saturday, March 21, 2009

Times Are Tough

Hi all,

I have been out of action for a couple of weeks due to work commitments, unfortunately in my job I have to travel once in a while....... which pisses me off but is all part of the deal :)

Up until now I reckon I haven't seen much effect from the global recession, but guess what?
The recession has hit and in a big way.....with a lot more to come by the looks of it.

The level of workload in the mining industry in which I am involved is on the decrease, with what is still available being scrutinised like never before! Every cost, every hour invoiced is under scrutiny! Fair enough the mines are businesses with shareholders etc, and this current economy is hitting everyone.....Time are indeed getting tough!

Then one Kevin Dudd with his half baked schemes to solve all our problems springs to mind...... here are a couple of gems from the great man:

1) The great Alcopop tax...... implemented before it was passed in Senate only to be rejected and $300M having to be repaid ...... to who? it appears the collected taxs are being paid back to the alcohol manufacturers, my comment here is, the pissheads paid the tax they should get it back.

K Dudd should put on a big $300M alcopop party for everyone and we can all get shitfaced and forget about our problems......... what do you reckon!!! A giant pissup - I'll be there!

This guy is a fucking clown........ his master stroke of genius to stop tennage binge drinking was to chuck a couple of bucks tax onto premix spirit prices that the kids drink..... mmmm OK that will fix those fuckers thought K Dudd. Think again Dudd you rickhead......all the kids are doing now is buying 750ml bottles of scotch, vodka or whatever and mixing their own drinks and getting even more wasted.
Some of the people who think up these "do gooder" schemes have no fucking clue about the real world. Kids have been getting smashed as a right of passage in Australia and everywhere else in the world since Captain Cook rocked up, and guess what they will always be doing it well after the Duddmiester has left the building! Amazing plan and well executed Dudd - NOT!!!

2) Another major breakthrough - the great stimulus package........ give away a shitload of money and lets hope people will spend it to stimulate the economy........well at least K Dudd is trying I suppose.

But unfortunately we have another royal fuck-up......... His master plan has now been challenged because it's has a couple of minor "flaws" such as paying the money into Deceased Estates, paying it to people who filled in a Tax Return last year but who are no longer in the country. These are just two little oversights from Dudd, but overall on par from what I have seen from the little man so far.

He is trying to buy people off and can't even manage to do that right! I'll be getting nothing as usual because I don't fall within the income earning limits........... fuckers!!

Anyway I'm back and kicking sorry about the economic report but I blog about what's on my mind and today it's doom and gloom unfortunately.

Cartoon by Peter Broelman

Love Reg


Ute said...

bad news on the mining industry..hubby has been wanting to get into that for ages..but never had much luck. now it seems he's best off not even worrying about it.

but then, every industry is showing the strain of the recession- i guess the only safe bet is the funeral industry..that'll never go out of business.

Anonymous said...

If you stay in the coal industry it will eventually turn to diamond. However the funeral business is a dieing business!!!!

Cazzie!!! said...

LOL at Anon!
Hubby was in the industry a whil back. 20 of the workers were layed off and it was Christmas time.
Our baby was 2 yrs old then, she is now 6. Anyway. I just said I'd go back to work full time and he could be a full time dad for a bit. Of course I was getting the easy part of tha bargain as having four kids under the age of 8 to look after is much harder than working full time as a nurse... even if I did work nights and did work in emergency!
Yes, there are so many bugger ups at the moment. You know, if only my Nanna was alive now she would certainly run the country, be the treasurer and have everything more water tight than a ducks arse!
Hold tight mate, and make sure you keep active.
Do you have any tickets? Forklift, truck drivers..anything like that?

Action Wolfe said...

Lol - I'm sitting here with the thought's of "Wow - this $900 is really handy considering I'm a full time uni student who struggles along... but wait - where the fuck did the government get this money from?"

I'm sick of being told "Isn't K-Rudd Great- we get to do all this shit."

... I feel its not an attempt to strengthen the economy - but more a scheme to get popularity with the voters come next election... either way the economy is going to go into recession at some point.

Action Wolfe

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