Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Day One

Well Hellooooo!

It's young Reggy here freshly back from his Lap-Band Operation, and guess what? It was a piece of cake - well I shouldn't say cake because that's fattening, plus I couldn't eat cake anyway even if I wanted to at the moment.

The operation went well, no real dramas, the worst part was the guy putting the IV in, he took about 4 goes before he got a vein :( Once he had the drip in and turned on the "jungle juice" I was off into the land of nod. Next thing I remember is waking up in recovery, then going back to my room. I'd estimate 1 hour for the operation, 2 hours in recovery and you are done!

All in all the whole process was no where near as painful as I was expecting based on my research on the Lap Band Forums (I should have remembered that people who post in forums generally have an issue - otherwise they would be posting) I think this had me expecting much worse. I am able to report that on the "drama/pain scale" the whole experience rates as a 3.5/10 which is as I said above a piece of cake (I give that rating based on only one days experience with a lapband, so this may change moving forward......but I hope not!)

One positive was that during the pre op phase I was on Optifast and amanager to drop for 140kg's to 126kg's in two weeks which was great!

Caz, thanks for your suggestion on the dehydration, I am sipping my water like a champion.......and burping furiously as well, which is good supposedly!

Anyway time to have a rest, more to follow when I lose some more weight alone my lap-band journey! So far so gooood!


The ever diminishing Reg Reagan xxxx


Losing Waist! said...

You are the first person I haven't heard gripe it up after lapband. Great attitude!!

Cazzie!!! said...

That is wonderful news Reg! I am pleased the experience was a good one, and now it is the start of a new journey and a new you. Keep up with that H2O..well done :)
Oh, and I just ran into a good nurse friend of mine who had her surgery a few years back and she looks AWESOME! So...YOU WILL TOO!