Monday, March 2, 2009

A Good Weekend Followed By Crappy Monday

Last weekend was OK, from a low carb perspective, consumed a gutful of scotch and diet coke on Friday night and had nothing else I shouldn't have all weekend!

I feel crap though, think I have a wog or something (I am hoping this is what's wrong with me). I went to work today and only lasted four hours or so and had to come home. The concerning thing was that I was feeling pressure across my chest, pain down my right arm, hot and cold sweats and a hell of a headache.

Some of these symptoms could suggest something I do not even want to think about - so I hope it wasn't that. The trouble is there is a history of coronary disease in my family, so I hope I am not the next person it affects.
At work I didn't want to make a fuss, just said I was feeling sick and went home, I almost went to the Emergency Department at the local hospital but thought I would try to have a sleep and see if things improved. I didn't get any sleep but the chest tightness isn't as bad and the pains and sweating have stopped, just leaving me with a crappy headache, which isn't going away.

The information on this heart diagram above provides a timely reminder that loosing this excess weight is not an option for me.... It's something I need to do or I mightn't be around long term :(




Cazzie!!! said...

I am a registered nurse and I predominantly work in the Emergency Department. However, some of my shifts are also on the Coronry Care ward.
I cannot stress enough that you get a complete check up. Bloods and an ECG. Please do it for yourself.. it is so important.
Prevention is better than having to find a cure! Don't let yourself have he worry on your shoulders mate..ok!

Reg Reagan said...


Going into my GP this morning will let you know how I go......thanks for caring.


Cazzie!!! said...

Reg, I am so proud of you for making that appointment. See, you Do have control over things that worry you...that was your first giant step. The rest, will be easy :)