Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Last Weekend

Another big weekend for the Regmiester...... we happened to capture some of the fun on my trusty old Nokia 6120 mobile phone.

Click here for a look at one of the highlights from last weekend!

Love Reg

* Credit for the clip to my good mate - imosh06


Kitty said...

i'm going to expose the hideous oozing mess that is my total ignorance....

who is reg reagan??? i don't watch tv. *cries* i'm so out of the loopage...

Reg Reagan said...


It's a NSW thing.... you guys have the AFL Footy Show and we have the Rugby League equivalent. The other Reg is a "character" fairly widely know within the NSW Footy community, and is a regular visitor on the NSW Footy Show.

So no ignorance on your part babe!


Cazzie!!! said...

I Absolutely loved that! What a classic, so friggin funny when the bloopers at the end show them breakin that glass..and them pissin emselves laughin :) I remember the Reg Reagan dancing at the final footy show too. Haa!
I wonder what pub they were at? It looks like a lovely traditional pubs USED to be. The old woodern bar, nice.

Ute said...

iz confooosed.. is that you pretending to be reg? =/

*word verification- fackli= fucking lucky

Reg Reagan said...


It was filled at Huskisen Pub on the NSW South Coast I believe... looks great doesn't it? I love those old aussie traditional pubs.


No mate, that is the real Reg a popular NSW Character off the Footy Show here...... My mates call me Reg though because I'm probably as much a boof head as the real Reg Reagan :)
Hope that all clear now?

Cazzie!!! said...

Reggie, are you alright mate? Just checkin' in onya.

Reg Reagan said...


Still all OK, have been away for work, which doesn't help either my blogging or my diet!

How are you tracking Cazzie?