Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Still Off Work

Went to the Doctors yesterday and had an ECG (might have a letter wrong there) but it's the test they do where they hook about a dozen leads to you and do a printout of your heart etc. They also did blood tests to see what was causing the chest pain etc. The results for the ECG were provided almost immediately and were all good :)

The blood tests were due later in the day and I had to call back. When I called back they wanted to see me so have another appointment today - I don't think this is a good thing as usually they will give you the all clear over the phone...... anyway time will tell.

Today I will have an easy day maybe do some work email, and a general catch-up, I want to make the most of this opportunity and actually gain some "work benefit" from it - it is rare for me to have time off during the week so I will make the most of it. Besides if I don't keep on top of email etc there will be a major backlog when I return. I aim to go back to work on Thursday - hopefully all will be running "like a well oiled machine" while I have been off, but I have my reservations.

Diet wise all is on track, looking forward to a good weigh-in later on in the week, the exercise has been on the back burner the last few days while I have had these chest pains, but intend to get back into that once I get the all clear.

My daughter changed schools yesterday which is good for her, as apparently where she was they learned SFA, most of the time they were watching video which I find very disappointing. The new school looks OK and my daughter has many friends who go there so hopefully the transition will be smooth and the amount of video watched substantially less!

That just about covers things for today - probably the main thing is the Doctors appointment to get the blood test results.

Have a good one... Reg


Chris H said...

Hi dude, thanks for visiting me blog... and I hope your blood tests come back OK. And a weekend is looming.... so make plans now to BE GOOD!!!! There is no point being good all week and blowing it every weekend eh?

Reg Reagan said...


Trust me I am going to be a good boy this weekend :)

Drop back in soon, and thanks for the best wishes on the blood tests.


Cazzie!!! said...

Proud of you for going top the doctors mate. It takes guts (pardon the pun) for some people to actually do it. Fingers crossed everything is ok, I am sure it will be.
Im glad your daughter changed schools and I hope it works out for her :)