Sunday, August 16, 2009

Day 12 - Post Op

Hi all,

Well time is flying by in my world and I am really starting to get a feel for what my band and my body are telling me as far as how much food I can eat and when to stop.

Over the last few days I have had a couple of painful "learnings" where I have brought food back up, this happened for a couple of reasons which I can totally avoid - either I swallowed too much food at once, or was rushing and didn't chew the food properly. I can still feel a good restriction which limits my intake dramatically - I have my first "fill" scheduled for the first week in September so I am looking forward to that :)

As I am on Day 12 since the band was installed, I should really be just finishing up on the fluid stage and moving onto mushies. To be honest I was onto mushies after the first week and I am now "dabbling" in mushey food and even trying some non mushie food (prawns - boiled eggs etc) I am being highly cautious to ensure that everything gets chewed 30 times so there is no possibility of blockage or my band's cautious as I go.

Another thing I have done is made sure I started an electronic "Food Diary" - I looked around the web and found a few good ones, but settled on CalorieKing which is made by Australians and has all the usual Aussie foods by default, and if they aren't there you can add your own custom foods. It's free to start an account and easy to use - here is a link if you haven't check it out yet..... highly recommended.

I have my own history available for members to view so check me out if you want username is - ac1966

Below is a cut and paste from CalorieKing incase you can't get into my results and graphs:

Daily Averages
food calories:842cals
exercise minutes:0mins
exercise calories:0cals
net calories:842cals
saturated fat:6g
effective carbohyrate:58g

We recommend that around 50-60% of your calories should come from carbs, 15-20% from protein and under 30% from fat.

So obviously because I am still building up my level of eating I am only averaging 842 cals / day when my break even point is 2000 cals, I will build this up as I go but that's what is allowed me to lose the 5kg last week. The graph suggests that what I am eating is fairly balanced and healthy - so I'm happy with that. The only thing I haven't got into properly yet is exercising, which I will commence in the next week or so.

I have also included a ticker graph for my blog which will hopefully be another visual reminder for me to keep working towars my goal.... I am a highly visual type of person and I think this will be of benefit! It details how much I have lost in kg's and what my BMI is...... I am almost obese (35 or less) and not morbidy obese (above 40 BMI)! I expect to crack the 20kg's lost mid this next week !!

So far so good, I am getting more and more confident that my decision to be banded was the right one, obviously time will tell and I will document my progress on this blog but so far.......... I am "jumping out of my skin" with how well it's all going and how easy it has been.

As they say this is a major lifestyle change, and the band is a tool, so far I am loving it!

Thanks for reading lots of love from

Reg Reagan xxxxxx


Cazzie!!! said...

Great stuff, and I am learning as you go along here too.
The "chew 30 times"then swallow method is A1! I always remember Bert Newton saying it to one of his prop men when he would come up on stage on his morning show to try out the "dish of the day"from whoever the celebrity chef was. He was not half wrong.
Today at work I looked after two people who had aspirated on their food..which meant they aspirated it into their lungs, and resultant Aspiration is just awful. Granted, these people are elderly, but still, it is yukko.
You are gunna go great guns.. and it appears that you are looking after yourself carefuly too.
What has your wife been thinking about it all? The diet, your healing etc etc?

Reg Reagan said...

My wife is very supportive! I couldn't have asked for better help from her....

As they say this is a "team" effort and everyone has their part to play.

Cazzie - what do you think about the calorie intake? it's way too low.... in the short term until I get back onto solids fully do you think it will affect my metabolism? and slow me down later? I plan to discuss with the Dietician but thought I'd get your thoughts as well!


Reg xxxx

Kitty said...

reggie as a certified headfucked former anorexic, all that talk that if you starve it out for a while you'll never be 'normal' again is kinda bullshit.

it's short term and its not like you are eating 100 cals a day (and eating them all at once) like i did.

you'll be fine. you'll be out of the dead-guy danger zone and what is more important than that?

i knew a guy who was alive, a normal weight and A-ok until saturday night, and since saturday night, he's fucking dead. he was 41. i'm shocked.

avoid it baby, avoid it.