Thursday, August 6, 2009

Day 2 - As Stiff As an Older Fella!

Hi all,

Well I had a good nights sleep and have woken up a bit worse for wear today....aches and pains right across my entire body, it feels like I've gone five rounds with Iron Mike.

Still I am in high spirits and know I have made the right decision and this is to be expected day 2 after surgery, and will soon pass. I have just upgraded my drama/pain score to 4/10 :) I am taking the liquid panadol 240 medicine once every three hours and it is going OK.... will keep this up until nature takes it's course.

As far as the water intake goes I am working may way slowly but surely through a one litre sipper bottle but it's slow going! but I will get there by early afternoon, they weren't joking when they talk about restriction from the band and also the swelling from the operation - if I take anymore than a big sip I can feel that I have had enough and it starts to flush back. I haven't let this happen yet but if I did have too much water in one go I am sure I'd regurgitate it!

I had an Optifast shake this morning to add some goodness to my food equation, it went down slowly over about an 1.5 hours with no major dramas, this will make sure I am getting some "good stuff" into me. As well as this I had some Supradyn vitamin supplements which have been recommended by my dietician, these went down nice and easy.... I put them in the fridge last night as directed to ensure all the bubbles have dispersed.

Weight wise I thought I'd jump on the scales this morning, and found that somehow I'd put on 2kg's. I thought WTF, how can this be? I've been eating SFA for days..... but after doing some reading apparently this happens to most people postop, not sure why??

Anyway day 2 going along nicely :)

Reg Reagan checking out xxxx


Chris H said...

You're the first guy I know who has had that surgery! My niece in Melbourne had it at the beginning of the year and is doing well.... hope you feel better soon!

Kitty said...

fuck the scale reggie. fuck it mate. it is totally, totally, totally irrelevant.

hope you feel better soon.


Mikeydman said...

Well done Reggie. Good to see your positive attitude being directed toward the most important person in your world.... YOU. This decision will lead to new and great opportunities in all parts of your life. Let me know when you want a hit of golf. Your bro would really enjoy a hit with his "older" sibling. Take it easy for now. Mike Reagan.......

Reg Reagan said...


Lots of people are getting the surgery, mostly women but from what I hear one in four is male.


Your right fuck the scales to hell.....

Mikey Reagan,

Thanks for the support bro.... I reckon the Regmiester will be making a comeback to the ranks of weekend golf once I hitthe 100kg mark.... that is planned for early new year. We can then go for some golf like we used to in the "old days" but remember there isn't alot of room between the first and second hole :)