Saturday, August 8, 2009

Day's 3 and 4


Day's 3 and 4 have both seen an improvement in my general mobility and ability to take in fluids such as Optifast etc, water however is still going down slowly with me struggling to drink 1 litre per day.

The aches and pains I had all over my body during day 1 and 2 have all gone which is great.
As I am on fluids only I am not racking up many calories per day, with me lucky to be consuming approx 700 cals, most of which is from Optifast. My carb intake is low as well so I thought I'd see if I was in ketosis and guess what? I am in heavy ketosis which comes up as a deep dark purple on the ketosticks (for those of you who know what I am talking about) - this means I am burning fat which is goood!!

Net result was a good loss from Day 3 to 4 of almost 1kg! bringing me down to 125 from 140kg since I started me pre-op diet on 20/7 so I am very happy...... but also very aware that this rapid lose will tapper off soon..... my weight loss goal per week is a reasonable 1kg, which I feel is very achievable.

As I am now feeling a bit better I am heading out this afternoon for a 30 minute walk, this will be the start of my exercise regimen. The aim is to drop the weight down to 100kg's by Christmas and start back into one of my passions - weight training early in the New Year. I going to Weights and did quite a lotof training as a young bloke.

Only negatives at the moment are that I am feeling a little nauseaus for some reason and slightly light headed - probably to do with the lack of food over the last 3 weeks!!!

The other thing I have my eye on is my Blood Pressure which has jumped post operation??? it was a consistent 140/90 pre-op and it is now sitting at 170/106 which suggests something isn't right or has recently changed driving the BP too high?

Beside that all is good and on plan for the Reg man, with me looking to return to work next Monday.

Have a good weekend everyone!

Love Reggie xxxx


Cazzie!!! said...

Reg, take each day real slow ok. Break up your 30 min walk into 3 ten minute walks and go from there. Listen to your body. When it needs rest then rest.
The BP is worrying me a bit. Keep check on it and if you get too dizzy or a headache then go to the Emergency room ok..promise?
Otherwise, I am glad everything looks good :)

Heather said...

Congrats! This sounds similar to my experience. I was banded Aug 4th as well.

Reg Reagan said...


No worries will take it easy, and it looks like the BP has gone back to normal???? Strange indeeeed!


Reg Reagan said...


Good to hear, hope you are feeling as good as me today! I'm going back to work hope I last the day OK.