Monday, August 10, 2009

Day 6 - Back to Work and a Dietician Visit

Hi all,

Had a good first day back at work, not too many dramas awaiting me after my week off which was great!

Also visited my Dietitian this morning and on their scales came up with a 16kg lose since I went on the Optifast :) The Dietitian believes I am progressing well enough to start introducing some "mushies" into my diet a week ahead of schedule. I welcome this but will proceed with extreme caution as there's no way I want this band to slip......but am almost ready for a change after 3 weeks of Optifast.

Overall I am back to normal from a pain perspective and feeling great.......probably the 16kg's I have lost. I am feeling positive and highly motivated at the start of this journey and want to capitalise on my loss to date and really make every post a winner!

The wife and I had a nice Sunday afternoon at the Newcastle Brewery listening to a pretty good but mellow band....... while I was there I decided to reward myself with a couple of Vodka and Oranges. Normally I would have sucked down half a dozen pints but not anymore!
I reckon that a bit of a reward once in a while won't kill me - you've got to live as my dietitian told me this morning after I told her about my 2 drinks.

All is good and will update on my progression to mushies and how successful it is.soon ......

Reggie xxxxx


Cazzie!!! said...

Wondeflo losses mate! I have an ouzo and cola once or twice a week as my reward. Sure you do have to let yoursel have some reward, other than n the scales. Knowing when to stop is the key.
Keep on keeping on mate :)

Reg Reagan said...

Thanks Caz, good to hear from you great words of encourage. I have been reading through your blog and it's like I am getting to know you :)


Cazzie!!! said...

I hope your days are getting better and that you are resting when you need to aswell.
Have a night in with a DVD with your wife..I bet that would be great for you both..oh, and farm out the kids ok, lol...just for tonight I mean.