Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Day 2

Stuck to the game plan yesterday which is great and as I am a person who likes to see results daily weighed in this morning coming in at 129.7 which is 2kg gone in one day!

That's 2kg of fluid I know but I'll take anything that represents a weightloss and is a psychological step in the right direction. I decided to start the exercise program yesterday as well and went for a 35 minute walk with my daughter which I actually enjoyed. The walk delivered the following positives:

1) Time with my 15 year old daughter
2) Exercise.....
3) Time for me to clear my head
4) Walks my Dinner off
5) Allows me to miss Home and Away :)

The walk will be on again tonight ..........I am actually looking forward to it ! and will be trying real hard to go every night after dinner and extend it 5 minutes each night until my fitness level improves.

All in all a good solid start stay tuned for more on my weight loss "journey". And if anyone is actually reading this say hello!

Now it's off to work for another set of completely different challenges........

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