Saturday, February 21, 2009

Day 6 Gooooooone!

It was all going to plan until the second bottle of scotch................. a low carb delight. The neighbours were over and we were out the back and someone had the bright idea to "go into town".

In my old way I was keen and the four of us were in a taxi, and on the way to the "brewery" which as the name suggest is not good for a young man living the low carb dream.

I was on fire....... and as the scotch and diet cokes were $9 a pop, went to plan B .......... schooners of VB (shame shame shame!)

Anyway after a shitload of the local brew and being surrounded by people young enough to be may children it was time to head home 4AM.........shame shame shame.

And we also had a stop in at the bakery drive through for apple pies and sausage rolls.

I am disappointed in my lack of will power............. and also getting $400 out of the ATM and returning home with $150.

Anyway back into the diet.......... I am currently drinking a 3 litre bottle of water to rehydrate me and flush out the evil toxins.

Regards from a very hungover Reg Reagan

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