Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wednesday Arvo Update

Another good day today all low carb - no exception! and I'm pumping the water in like a demon! Three litres already consumed today. I am also moving into ketosis which will start to deliver good weight loss.

This afternoon was a non event as far as my walk goes....... I have real bad blisters from my new "supa dupa" walking shoes...... so am going to get some real good socks tomorrow to fix that problem hopefully.

Work was good the meeting I mentioned with the Senior management went well, I was well prepared and actually turned what could have been a major problem into a winning situation for me. At least that's my take-out from the discussion, only time will tell.

Another test I overcame today, was when I got home my next door neighbour was out the front having a beer and as we have for the last few months he motioned to me to have come over to his place and have a beer.......... guess what? I wasn't tempted at all...... I must be serious about this weight loss campaign.

The only beer I'll be seeing until I get to my goal will be of the electronic variety......... here's one for you, my shout!

That's the update for this afternoon, more to follow after the weigh in tomorrow morning.


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