Friday, February 27, 2009

The Transformation King has "Left the Building"

Well thank fuck for that, this clown has been the leader of Telstra's "transformation" of which I was a casualty.

He has total rooted Australia's biggest Company to the point where new systems are not working, the company has alienated two Governments, Telstra has been eliminated from the NBN race, plus a heap of other things I will elaborate on later when I have more time - as you can see I am fairly opinionated on this issue.

Anyway good bye and good riddance you fuckstick - enjoy your bonuses.



blinder said...

Tripped over your blog from your comment in Kittys... Love her blog, and her other bits

I'm shorter than you 177cm and beginning of 2005 i weighed in at 110kg(age then 42!!!). Over the next 9 months I got it down to 84. Weighed my self this morning 94kg. I have worked out that 88-89 is a good weight for me. (sickness and xmas have been bad for me these last two months). BTW I feel good being smaller- love exercising. I few things happened along the way - Marriage over (in hindsight a good thing) Business going nuts... still is.
I have a girlfriend - the sex is fantastic -being smaller (not that way...) and fitter means its alot more fun than it used to be.

How did I do it? A bike and swimming to start with - because until I reached 95kg running will kill the joints. PLUS eating a Low-Glycemic (Low GI) diet. I know my body very well now and I know what pizza and fish and chips does to me (very scary) but I also know how to take 4-5kgs off as well. (75% diet 25% exercise)

So, good on you - keep it going its worth it..

(Noo Zeeland)
(we just thrashed India in Twenty20 - great game - took my son, shitload of sixes)

Cazzie!!! said...

I was going to post a whole story about Telstra and Bigpond today but my reporting of that idiot to EPA was top priority for me.
Yesterday, my husband was on the phone with Telstra for over 30mins and had been handballed left right and centre around the Philipine's room there until he had to go to work, that is where I took the phone and was piss farted around another 40minutes!
I got irrate, I asked to speak to AUSTRALIAN people...they promptly put me onto someone in Sydney..who got the work done! I said, "Oh thank God, an Australian! I cannot believe the outsoursing of work to the Philipines, they dunno what the left and right hand are doing!"
The problem was this, we had not been able to access our email, one we have had since days od dial up, a good 10 years. They kept ruinning us around to different departments...dickheads I have to say!

Reg Reagan said...


Thanks for your comments mate....much appreciated

I will take heart, and good to see you have got where you need to go weight wise...... at the moment I am myself..... I love alcamahol, and have a gutful of scotch and diet coke, which is OK from a Low Carb perspective, albeit slowing the weight loss process down a bit..but hey I need a release one way or the other as I have been married 20 years or so , so there's not much physical release happening in my life, if you know what I'm saying ;)

How are things in Nooow Zeeeeeland... all good I hope mate, and watch out for those horny sheeeep.


Welcome as well, this blog is part of the diet deal I reckon, and nice people like you and blinder add to my resolve....even if I am slightly pissy at the moment.

Keep reading and help me with some helpful comments along the way....

I will get where I need to be weight wise I appreciate your input ! :)

Reg.... time for another low carb scotch n Coke.