Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Day 9

Watched Underbelly last night....man I love that show! I reckon I should have been an underworld figure in the eighties. (wait a minute I was! no I wasn't just joking)

Diet is all going well but starting to think about scotches on Friday night which is dangerous this early in the week, scotch leads to me eating "shit food". Scotch and diet coke is OK on a LC diet, the problem is once you get pissy you want to eat other non LC crap, which from a sober perspective I do not want to do.

Haven't dared weighing in yet after the weekends "shame file" performance will probably do it Thursday morning so I hopefully see a loss of a kg or 2?

Anyway time to get showered and off to work..... for another "on track" day.



Kitty said...

dude! i'm detecting a pattern of alcomohol abuse and you turning into a lardy grease-chaser!

in regard to fast food: Red Rooter, Lumpy Dacks and Slackers - just say NAY. NAAAAY. sausage rolls and meat pies? lips and arseholes much? eeewww.

be a nay sayer!

trivia: i went to maitland for a mate's birthday party when i was about 18 and got so drunk i don't really know how i survived it. nor do the nice people at the hospital who thoughtfully pumped my stomach (washboard at that time- wheeew).

these days i'm a 2-glass patsy, mostly so i don't fall headfirst into a bucket of big macs. it totally works.

the end.

Reg Reagan said...


The two glass concept may be the way I need to go. Once I got onto the grog I will eat anything - witin reason.

Reg (2 scotches at the max from now on)