Friday, February 27, 2009

Moving into the Weekend Challenge

This week has been average in the "diet wars" to be honest. Last weekends blow out really stuffed my progress up, and I am feeling strong so as to avoid a re0currence this weekend.

Weighed in this morning and was 127.8kg which is still down on my starting weight but only really getting back to where I was before last weekend's indiscretions :(

Anyway this lack of weight loss this week is hammering home the fact that I can't have "just one day off a week" I need to be committed seven days a week. I must loose this weight or my quality of life is being affected plus my longevity.....and I wanna be around for a long time yet!

I am trying to get one of those weight loss tickers for Blogger and it's supposed to be just a HTML "cut and paste job" but I am not having any luck so far. If anyone is reading this and know how to set one of these fuckers up please let me know.

Work is going well with no real mega dramas in the pipeline (that I know of), but I have a feeling we are about to see some of the impacts of the world economic meltdown beginning to impact on our order book...... time will tell, but I hope not, my bonus is at stake!

Anyway time to get to work........weight loss so far is 4kg so it's not too bad but I have done a lot better in past attempts using the Low Carb method. More weight related posts following on the weekend hopefully highlighting my "will power" and another kilo or so gooooone.

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Cazzie!!! said...

Well done on the 4 kg loss... it will never come back mate! Just stick with whatever works for you. For me it is getting on those runners and tracky dacks and just walking, then riding my bike (which is my favourite thing to do.) You can do it! Because you want to :)